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My name is Jeffrey. I'm the owner and designer of IKIGAI. I've been into audio probably sooner then I could walk. Starting as an enthusiast because of my father. When I was in my teens I began building my own loudspeakers. Audio was also one of the reasons why I started my study in Product Design. Seeking the best musical performance a student can buy for his "college" money.

When I graduated I worked at a high-end audio company called Kharma b.v. in the Netherlands. Designing speakers, cables and various audio accessories for four years. There I learned a lot how to really listen to music and compare different setups.

After Kharma, I worked for Philips GrassValley Nederland b.v. for almost eight years, designing professional camera systems. Gaining more and more technical knowledge in the Engineering domain. At Philips I was the component manager for interconnection and responsible for every connection in the camera systems. At that time I learned a lot how to overcome EMC/RFI interference and building high speed and large bandwidth interconnections.

At that time I also gave guest lectures at different colleges in The Netherlands. This is when HZ University of Applied Sciences asked me to teach Engineering to young students.

All that time audio was in the background as a hobby mainly listening to music and building my own systems with the knowledge I gained in my profession. Another hobby of mine is making jewelry as a goldsmith. I learned how to create jewels out of precious metals. Creating jewels out of these expensive metals, I needed to learn a lot about the structure of these materials. This is where the synergy started in making high-end audio cables out of these pure materials. The knowledge in building cables/interconnections and the knowledge how to change the metal structure of the cable core, really paid off during extensive listening sessions. The difference was very noticeable between a "standard" build cable, or a cable were every bit of knowledge was put into.

When friends tried my cables in their own system they were hooked! Selling their very expensive cables of various recommended brands afterwards. You may want to read the Testimonials to get the idea what's happening.

If you like you can also read a interview in Dutch by Rob Nijman from HiFi.nl

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Now the time has come to build my cables for a broader audience! Please feel free and contact me or one of the dealers for an audition.