New distributor alert!

It may not come in as a surprise after a couple of shows with Audiotweaks, that (SPEC) distributor NEXT Audio from France also gained interest in our cables. We feel very honored!

They started with a very nice demo set with a mixture in SUGURE , KANGAI and KINZAN cabling in different lengths and connections:

  • Sugure/Kangai cinch and XLR interconnects
  • Sugure/Kangai/Kinzan powercords
  • Kangai DC powercord
  • Sugure/Kangai Coax cables
  • Sugure speaker cables

Please feel free to contact them for an audition:

NEXT Audio

Contact : Patrice Alapetite
2B avenue John Stuart Mill
84000 Avignon
Tel : +33 (0)6 60 70 63 63
email :