What is your IKIGAI?

Japanese people often use a concept called ikigai. Ikigai is central to finding one’s satisfaction and meaning in life. The straight forward translation of ikigai is “reason for being.”
Ikigai is certainly not tied just to financial status. It’s what puts a smile on your face when you wake up in the morning and keeps you motivated all day. Ikigai doesn't need to be a large "thing", it's all about enjoying the little things in life. A warm morning sun in your face, the birds whistling their song,...

For a lot of people finding their ikigai can be a long process that requires deep reflection into their wants and needs in all areas of their life. This is where I want to help. IKIGAI audio is about giving you happiness thru your music listening. Giving you the motivation to listen more and longer. This will not only give you a short term benefit. Music also has a mindfulness healing. Reducing stresses and anxieties which will have a much longer benefit.

Joy in little things

As stated above, ikigai does not mean everything needs to be GREAT and XXL. Ikigai means also having and seeing the pleasure in the little things of life. This is why IKIGAI audio doesn't put much effort in the BIG and BOLD bling - bling of the cables. There is no sonic benefit and it raises the prices.

IKIGAI produces the logo rings in house. IKIGAI believes in local production as much as possible to keep the carbon footprint as low as possible. The logo ring also shows you the way how to connect your cable. The side were the ring is mounted is the music source i.e. your cd player when it's connected to your amplifier.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

On the left you see a KANGAI power cord. It takes more then a day of work. Carefully twisting and using my Goldsmith knowledge, to change the 5N silver leads to sonic perfection.

Not only does it have a triple EMI/RFI screening (NASA grading) it also uses a special sleeve minimizing unwanted vibrations like sounds "hitting" the cable and contact noises from hifi racks and your stereo system.

The unique grounding system runs from plug to plug ensuring full EMI/RFI protection. It also has the possibility to connect the SUGURE and KANGAI speaker cable EMI/RFI shield. This grounding system is a great free upgrade for your speaker cable when engaged!

Image courtesy of Furutech

Image courtesy of ETI research

Cable termination

IKIGAI audio uses almost solely ETI and Furutech termination. Level and type of termination are dependent on the cable level and pricing.

If you have a favorite brand in termination instead of Furutech, don't hesitate to request. I can make a cable with your favorit brand.

Cable treatments

Every SUGURE and KANGAI cable have a special re-crystallization process. This process has a very large impact on the sonic quality of the cable. The process gives the cable a more relaxed signature then you have ever heard before. There is no edginess in the music any more. No loss in dynamics, control, details. The music is just there as it was recorded. The process also reduces the burn-in time. Typically the cables still need a break in period of approx. 100h.


IKIGAI audio beliefs in the true meaning of the word itself. Finding your IKIGAI. Therefore the packaging of the cables is a feast to unpack. Giving you joy in every step.

All packaging materials have a low carbon footprint. IKIGAI audio only uses recycled paper, bamboo logo, recycled fiber bag and cork inlay. All items are produced within the Netherlands, reducing transport to a bare minimum.

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