2022 contemplations

2022 was an eventful year. With many highs and unfortunately deep lows. In the spring we encountered many logistics issues, so we had to be very creative on many aspects to be able to make and ship IKIGAI audio cables. Covid, the war in Ukraine, it turned the world upside down for humanity. Unfortunately we […]

Showreport 11th Dutch Audio Event 2022

Cables from IKIGAI audio were used in two different rooms at the Koningshof in Veldhoven during the 11th edition of the Dutch Audio Event 2022. Although both rooms had very different setups and signature, they both gathered a lot of attention and wonderful feedback. All articles and video’s are placed within this blog for your […]


Audiotweaks, HNNY Benelux and IKIGAI audio are giving away 8 tickets, 4 on Saturday and 4 on Sunday. If you want to win one, feel free to join. How? Follow this link to our Facebookpage win post and do following: Like the post Write in the comment section why you would like to win and […]

IKIGAI audio at the Dutch Audio Event 2022

Right near the entrance, in the 100 square meter room 63 of the Koningshof at Veldhoven the Netherlands, we will join forces again in a close collaboration between IKIGAI audio, HNNY Benelux and Audiotweaks. Together we will present a top system with a number of novelties on the 8th and 9th of October.     […]

Hong Kong High-End Show 2022 coverage

5-7th of August, Audio Exotics, our distributor in Hongkong, gave a big show at the Hongkong Highend audio show 2022 in the HKCEC. They received a lot of visitors, 2168 to be exactly (see picture down below). Visitors where leaving the show very enthusiastic and with good memories. Chris and his team are capable to […]

Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show 2022

Banner photo by Audiotechnique KIGAI audio cables will be demonstrated during the Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show 2022 from Aug 5-7 in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre! Our distributor 御品音響Audio Exotics will demonstrate our KINZAN cable line-up on AudioNec EVO3 speakers, driven by a Dartzeel CTH8550 integrated amplifier. Analog source is the […]

Website update!

We updated our website! It was time to do an overhaul. We are proud to show it to you. What did we change? New navigation bar Blog added with a few news items (will be updated in the future even with older posts) Navigation and loading speed upgrade Social profile buttons better accessible Sitemap added […]

New distributor alert!

It may not come in as a surprise after a couple of shows with Audiotweaks, that (SPEC) distributor NEXT Audio from France also gained interest in our cables. We feel very honored! They started with a very nice demo set with a mixture in SUGURE, KANGAI and KINZAN cabling in different lengths and connections: Sugure/Kangai […]

New dealer alert!

We are proud to anounce, that Audiotweaks joined in a dealer partnership. We want to thank Piet the Vries for his trust in our products! After doing a lot of shows together, this was no surprise ofcourse. Spec, Pachanco and IKIGAI audio make a wonderful combination. Audiotweaks will start with a few products in the […]

KINZAN powercords landed at Audio Exotics in Hongkong

御品音響 Audio Exotics gave us following feedback regarding their newly acquired KINZAN powercord. Just arrived in Hongkong with 0 hours playing time. Give it some more time to settle in and you will be rewarded. Thank you for sharing your kind words with us Piano Tuner Leung from Audio Exotics! More information on our KINZAN […]

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