KANGAI USB Introduced in Munich 2022

KANGAI USB cable. Although all the attention went to the KINZAN series in Munich, we also introduced our brand new USB cable in the KANGAI line up. This is a very refined cable with separate data and power lines. We incorporate our knowledge from our DC cables into the power lines and our digital knowledge […]

Fun at Munich 2022

We had a great week in München. The collaboration between SPEC (Audiotweaks), Ilumnia, Pachanko Labs, Diretta and Crosszone was great. The system sounded wonderful and visitors were astonished. Thank you for stopping by Sonata Hi-Fi, IBEX AUDIO, ETI-Research, Next audio, and all others!

New KINZAN level

We will introduce our brand new KINZAN level at the Munisch 2022 highend show. This level is build up using even more labor intensive techniques on top of our Kangai level. It combines 5N silver and our new generation 24KT gold depending on the type of cable. The silver and gold is specially treated to […]

Munich 2022

In a couple of weeks we will be in München. You can find us in hall 3 of the MOC in booth N06/P07 Jeff will be there to introduce the new KINZAN series. You can hear a complete IKIGAI audio cable line up together with our partners, Audiotweaks, Ilumnia speakers, Award winning Spec, Pachanko Labs, […]

DC Powercord introduction at PUUR avd

Last weekend we had a great show at PUUR audio, video & domotica in Oostzaan the Netherlands during PUUR’s masterclass ‘a Swiss/Dutch alliance’ We introduced our new KANGAI DC powercord specially designed for Farad Power Supplies. This cable use pure silver in star quad configuration with triple screening against EMI and RFI interference. Feedback we already recieved from Hongkong customers: […]

IKIGAI audio’s KANGAI-S power cord on Pinkfaun Ultra 2.16 streamer

Such a great combination: IKIGAI audio KANGAI-S powercord, Pink Faun high-end audio 2.16 Ultra streamer and GOLDMUND Satya speakers Installed in this beautiful Loft in Rotterdam by PUUR audio, video & domotica The customer is very delighted with his system. Do you want to read the full story? Visit:

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