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IKIGAI Audio, founded in 2018 by Jeffrey Dam, has a compelling story rooted in his deep passion for audio, installed by his father even before he could walk. Growing up, Jeffrey’s fascination with sound led him to
build speakers during his teenage years and focus on audio-related projects throughout his high school physics assignments.

With a clear vision of combining electrical engineering and product design, Jeffrey pursued Industrial Product Design during his academic years. He honed his skills during his tenure at Kharma, for designing
speaker systems and cables, where he gained profound knowledge in high end audio. And four years later at Philips, particularly in the professional camera division, where he gained invaluable expertise in contact transitions, EMI/RFI, and high-speed, wide-bandwidth connections over extended distances.

While working at Philips, Jeffrey also shared his knowledge by delivering lectures to engineering students at the University of Applied Sciences. This experience eventually led him to transition to full-time teaching at HZ UAS in Vlissingen.

Throughout his professional journey, audio remained a cherished hobby for Jeffrey. Drawing from his material science studies and his passion for goldsmithing, he developed a deep understanding of precious metals, alloys, and crystal structures. This knowledge, combined with his expertise in interconnections, paved the way for the design and development of audio cables that offered a remarkable difference in
sound quality. 

Inspired by the Japanese concept of “IKIGAI,” meaning “the reason for someone’s existence,” Jeffrey chose the name IKIGAI Audio deliberately. For him, IKIGAI represents the pursuit of a life goal that brings happiness, motivation, and fulfillment. With this ethos, he founded IKIGAI Audio with the mission to enhance people’s enjoyment of music and promote a stress-free, musical experience. 

The core belief of IKIGAI Audio is to connect your passion. The brand strives to create audio solutions that not only deliver exceptional sound quality but also bring joy and a sense of purpose to people’s lives. By minimizing listening fatigue and ensuring a long-term positive impact on well-being, IKIGAI Audio aims to make music an integral part of daily life a source of inspiration, imagination and happiness. 

In conclusion, IKIGAI Audio is more than just a business; it represents Jeffrey’s dedication to creating meaningful audio experiences that resonate with people’s hearts and souls. By connecting passion and music, IKIGAI Audio seeks to bring the gift of joy and harmony to music lovers around the world.

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Mission Statement:

At IKIGAI Audio, our mission is “Connecting your passion” by designing and delivering exceptional audio solutions that elevate the enjoyment of music and promote a stress-free, musical experience. We are dedicated to creating meaningful audio experiences that resonate with people’s hearts and souls, making music an integral part of daily life, bringing joy, inspiration, and a sense of purpose to our customers.

Vision statement:

Our vision at IKIGAI Audio is to become a passioned leading brand in the high end audio industry, known for
our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We aim to be the go-to choice for audiophiles and music enthusiasts seeking transformative audio experiences that enrich their lives. By continuously pushing the boundaries of audio technology and design, we strive to create meaningful products that can connect people deeply with their passion for music, finding fulfillment and happiness in every note.