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IKIGAI audio produces every High-end cable by hand. With a Japanese eye for detail, soberness in design and build quality. Cabling doesn't need to be the weakest link anymore. With IKIGAI cables you will hear your music evolve from your speakers as never before. One of the strongest points of IKIGAI is the refinement in sound. IKIGAI doesn't have an artificial glare some people call air around the instruments. Instead IKIGAI makes it possible to place the instruments in a solid place, firmly textured, with a full body. This all comes without hearing fatigue or stress. See the Testimonials page for reviews and quotes.

IKIGAI audio XLR cable Kangai series

Base cable materials Silver and Gold

Materials used

Every cable is build up by using natural materials in the core. From Sterling silver, Pure silver in a high purity (5N or 99,999% pure) and 24K gold. These fine materials conduct your precious music signals sonically you have never heard before. IKIGAI audio uses as much air around these precious metals as dielectric as possible. All other dielectrics have a sonic impact. Another example of good cable topology.

Following the Japanese IKIGAI philosophy, there are two levels of real audio "divineness". What is your IKIGAI?

This level is very unique. It combines fine Silver (5N) with the unique recrystallization process to form a mono crystal wire. This will give you even more refinement and non-fatigue listening.

This cable is build up using labor intensive techniques. It combines 5N Silver and 24KT gold. Treated to a mono crystal wire. It also uses Airspace approved shielding to keep EMI and RFI out. These features give the cable body and soul on top of the SUGURE

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