IKIGAI audio at the Dutch Audio Event 2022

Right near the entrance, in the 100 square meter room 63 of the Koningshof at Veldhoven the Netherlands, we will join forces again in a close collaboration between IKIGAI audio, HNNY Benelux and Audiotweaks. Together we will present a top system with a number of novelties on the 8th and 9th of October.



The top model Roon / Diretta audio server from Pachanko, the three pieces Constellation Masterpiece, is used for the digital part of the reproduction. Diretta is a streaming protocol from Japan that ensures optimal data transport through the digital audio chain, enabling a highly detailed, spatial and open sound image. Combined with ROON’s operating comfort and library background information. This brings, together with the RMP-UB1 SPEC Diretta USB bridge, the latest RMP-DAC3EX SPEC DAC and RPA-MG1000 SPEC 300W mono power amplifiers with Pure Direct Connection (no pre amplifier needed), the ultimate music experience to your home. All Pachanko and SPEC gear will use QSA fuses to raise the bar even higher.

HNNY Benelux:

Speakers are from the top line of Fyne Audio. We are aiming to introduce the new Vintage Fifteen in the Netherlands. This flagship masterpiece of the Vintage Series, is the full embodiment of Dr Paul Mills’ uncompromising design approach. Featuring Fyne’s largest 15”, most potent and dynamic IsoFlare driver to date. This prodigious point source transducer system pushes the boundaries of audio engineering. So please keep your fingers crossed and hope Fyne audio makes the deadline!

IKIGAI audio:

Of course everything is connected with the best cables from IKIGAI audio, the KINZAN line. As you know all kinds of new techniques are used in the KINZAN line, even welded connectors for the lowest possible contact capacity. The purpose of this cable line is to transfer the signal from the source to the speakers as transparently as possible.

Brand new will be the introduction of our KINZAN network cable! This cable is truly unique and fully worthy to carry the KINZAN badge. We put a lot of effort in this cable to make it as ‘analog’ as possible. This cable will transport your data in such a way, you will get the feeling of being live at the performance.

Please feel free to come and listen and be informed about the possibilities in room 63!

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Hotel NH Eindhoven Conference Centre Koningshof

Locht 117

5504 RM Veldhoven/Eindhoven

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Tel: +31 (0)20 70 18 042 (Main NH office) or +31 (0)40 253 7475 (Local NH Hotel Koningshof)


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From Airport Eindhoven, take bus 103 to Veldhoven centrum. From there on, take bus 15.
From train station Eindhoven, take bus 319 or bus 19.


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