KINZAN powercords landed at Audio Exotics in Hongkong

御品音響 Audio Exotics gave us following feedback regarding their newly acquired KINZAN powercord.

Just arrived in Hongkong with 0 hours playing time. Give it some more time to settle in and you will be rewarded. Thank you for sharing your kind words with us Piano Tuner Leung from Audio Exotics!

More information on our KINZAN series: here

Chris wrote in his Facebook message:

“Helmut Schmidt, the West German chancellor has often been quoted that “people with vision should see a doctor” in the late 70s. Of course, he sounded derogatory at the time under the prevailing context of the meeting in Berlin. Some scholars later on reinterpreted it positively, “For those who can lead by a vision, we are here to provide the prescription to turn it into a reality.” Project Kinzan is a vision. Jeffrey Dam of Ikigai Audio has the profound prescriptions based on scientific researches making it a reality. After thoroughly testing the Kinzan power cable in my home system on the Rivierlab APL-SE preamp, I am sure Jeff does not need to see a doctor.”

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