Munich 2022

In a couple of weeks we will be in München. You can find us in hall 3 of the MOC in booth N06/P07

Jeff will be there to introduce the new KINZAN series. You can hear a complete IKIGAI audio cable line up together with our partners, Audiotweaks, Ilumnia speakers, Award winning Spec, Pachanko Labs, Cross_zone and Diretta.

The KINZAN level is build up using even more labor intensive techniques on top of our Kangai level. It combines 5N Silver and our new generation 24KT gold. Specially treated to form a mono crystal wire. Each type of cable has filigree, or mixtures from filigree to thicker gauge strains of silver. Also pure cotton is used as a dielectric. The cotton is protected against the envirenment to keep it’s unique charasteristics constant over time.

For interconnect cables we invested heavily in a new connector bonding technique. The ETI-Research connector contacts are welded to the wires to form a point to point connection loosing contact resistance and keeping the material properties on a same, high level.

See you there!

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