New KINZAN level

We will introduce our brand new KINZAN level at the Munisch 2022 highend show.

This level is build up using even more labor intensive techniques on top of our Kangai level. It combines 5N silver and our new generation 24KT gold depending on the type of cable. The silver and gold is specially treated to form a mono crystal wire. The treatment is futher extended by 500% compared to our KANGAI level, to be even more effective. Each type of cable has filigree, or mixtures from filigree to thicker gauge strains of silver. Also pure cotton is used as a dielectric. The cotton is protected against the envirenment to keep it’s unique charasteristics constant over time.

For interconnect cables we invested heavily in a new bonding technique. The connector contacts are welded to the wires to form a point to point connection loosing contact resistance and keeping the material properties on a same, high level.

For our Tripoint grounding cables, we use special carbon infused sleeves to prevent static electricity builup in the cables. It also uses a unique connecting technique for the EMI/RFI screening. Each user can determine by listening what the best connection for the screening is in his own situation:

  • Both clips not connected
  • One clip connected at component/wall socket side or Tripoint side
  • Both clips connected at component/wall socket side or Tripoint side

For a complete overview see our KINZAN levels page.

In Munich we used in our main setup:

  • 6 KINZAN powercords
  • 2 KINZAN XLR interconnects
  • 3 KANGAI ethernet cables
  • 1 KANGAI USB cable
  • 1 KANGAI DC powercord

In our headphone setup we used:

  • 4 KANGAI powercords
  • 1 KANGAI XLR interconnect
  • 1 KANGAI cinch interconnect

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